Donkeys have developed many adaptations so that they can survive.

Many donkeys live in deserts that have little vegetation. Donkeys have been able to adapt to finding their food. They have developed their digestive system to allow them to eat more plants such as bushes, scrubs, vegetation, and bark.

Through evolution, donkeys have also developed specialized teeth for grinding. The grasses that donkeys eat are rough and difficult to digest.

Compared to horses, all donkeys possess specialized teeth and long limbs. The adaptation of long limbs and narrow hooves allow these animals to move through rocks. This adaptation is vital considering that the majority of donkeys live in mountain regions and other rocky hills.

Other adaptations that allow donkeys to be so successful in their surroundings are their color and body type. The coat of donkeys allows them to reflect heat. The light tan to grey color also helps in camouflaging  them to blend in with their surroundings.Donkeys have large ears that also shed heat and are excellent for their hearing.


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